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About Milly Kongwang

What can I tell you about myself ? I’m just another girl living her dream. I’m very passionate about what I do. I love exploring and trying new things or to be precise experimenting. And I always do it on myself first before I introduce it to my clients. It’s a big world and I have big dreams. And I’m trying to make it all happen. My work is the only place I disconnect myself from this busy and crazy world that’s out there – it keeps me alive and going. Almost every girl knows the pains of finding that perfect hairstyle – a constant need to innovate, stand out of the crowd and still manage to be in one’s own skin.

Milly Stories

The Hip Hair Stylist


That’s when I headed to Melbourne for a year and half for a course. I am happy at the end of my hard day’s work and go home without complaints!

What inspires you?

What inspires me most of all is travel! When I travel overseas, something in me just opens up and I come back with this amazing feeling and I’m ready to try them out.

Biggest challenge

Biggest challenge would be winning my clients trust. For them to believe in me and seeing them come back. That’s one of the biggest achievements too.

Handling multitask

I’m a hairdresser and a makeup artist. I specialize in airbrushing and I never use help. I do it all by myself. So hair and makeup together is what I do on most occasions for my clients.

Personal style

I don’t exactly follow the latest fashion. At least not completely. I follow what suits me best. I love “trial and error phase”- be with my hair, make up or clothing.

Exciting moments

The best moments would be when they walk in and tell me to do whatever I like! “I believe in you”. That’s the moment when it really gets me and my heart just smiles.